Student Policy

I. For whom:

This policy will be applied to all students at Amazing English.

II. Policy:

Retaining the courses and refund policy for students at the English Center is only supported for a number of legitimate and unforeseen reasons such as health, economic and family. Students can follow the procedure to retain their study results within the allowed time limit. Reschedulings help students to participate in the next course within their suitable time frame. Amazing English only accepts reschedulings for certain cases such as: Unexpected business travel, accidents, sickness or more (Must be confirmed by your company or doctors).

There are some regulations for the rescheduling of students.

  1. Students must keep the verifying payment form or email in order to help us organize the next suitable course for you.
  2. Please announce us your problem in detail before 07 days from the date that you decide to reschedule the class.
  3. Students must accept any changing curriculum for the next course. You are only able to reschedule 01 course and join the next course available. If you unable to join the next course, it means you completed the course. You must retake it at the right time that you quit the previous course. We will not resolve any complaints at a later date.


We don’t have any refund policies in the case that you are responsible for missed classes. The exceptions are considered and handled by Amazing English.

The opening class time is allowed to delay up to 2 weeks. In order to update our latest information, please follow our fan page or website frequently, or keep in touch with our customer service department.

We only return your tuition fees if your class will not be opened within 30 days.

Amazing English center reserves the right to use students’ images in order to introduce our programs and courses.